Do you come out for valuations?2021-01-20T08:31:30+02:00

Yes, we do. In the case where we cannot, we will request for the vehicle to come to one of our closest assessment centres.

Do you do trade-in’s ?2021-01-20T08:28:00+02:00

Yes, we do.

What are you trading hours?2021-01-20T08:27:35+02:00

We trade Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00 at our main branches situated at Milnerton in Cape Town and Kempton Park in Johannesburg.

Assessment centres all have their own trading hours and work on appointments only.

Would you consider an old classic vehicle?2021-01-20T08:24:26+02:00

Yes, we do but only if it is in a mint condition with low kilometres.

How important is the service history?2021-01-20T08:23:19+02:00

It is very important. We need to know that the vehicle received its services on-time and by accredited dealers.

How soon will I receive payment?2021-01-20T08:21:26+02:00

Payment will be made upon collection of the vehicle.

Do you buy cars that has an outstanding settlement?2021-01-20T08:15:07+02:00

Yes we do.It is handled case-by-case and we do what it takes to make it work.

Do you buy non-runners or accident damaged cars?2021-01-20T08:16:18+02:00

No we don’t.We only purchase vechiles in prestine conditions.

What documents do I need to sell my car?2021-01-20T08:18:06+02:00

You will need to provide your ID document, proof of residence, settlement letter (if applicable), banking details on a bank letter and a company registration document if it is a company registered vehicle.

Who handles the transfer of ownership?2021-01-20T08:19:14+02:00

We do.We sign a change of ownership document when we purchase the vehicle.

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